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CX48 and PostCX48: Sacred Geometry Mandalas: The Prints

The original Gilchrist painting is a 17" x 17" x 3", wrap stretched acrylic Mandala entitled "Dodecahedron In The Transcendental Metatron's Cube." The Dodecahedron is a Platonic Solid. The twelve faces of the three dimensional Dodecahedron are identical pentagons.

Print #CX4817

Print #CX4817: Dodecahedron In The Transcendental MC

Print #CX4817

Beautiful prints, on fine watercolor paper, are now available. Charles personally creates and signs these prints. The image size is 11" by 11". The paper size is 13" by about 15". The price is #39.95, plus $14.00 insurance, shipping, and handling anywhere in the continental USA.

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One print - only $39.95 - plus $14.00 I/S/H
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