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Gallery #2. "The Four Corners Suite (State II)"

A group of 13 "Healing Mandalas" on white Fine Art paper (13" X 15"). Each is available as a signed "Artist's Proof".

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Desert Wheel

Earth Wheel

Fire - Air


Gender Energy

Green Shield

High Pine

High Sun

Red Clay Sky

Sky Power

Spring Wheel


Yellow Shield

Each of these 13 small "Healing Mandalas" on white Fine Art paper. Each is available as a signed "Artist's Proof". A matted and framed version of this print would measure aprox. 18" x 19."

The low wholesale price is:
Each individual print - only $59.95 - plus $14.00 I/S/H
The Suite (all 13 prints) - only $699.95 - plus $20.00 I/S/H
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About The Four Corners Suite
by Leslie Page

In 1989, Charles relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico and began to explore the Four Corners Area, that is Northwest New Mexico, Northeast Arizona, Southeast Utah, and Southwest Colorado. He fell instantly in love with the area and "The Four Corners Suite” is an expression of the meditative energy and balance he consistently experienced in this fantastic part of the United States.

"The Four Corners Suite" is an inspired group of 13 small "Healing Mandalas". The paper is Fine Art white, approximately 13" x 14". The image size varies slightly, averaging about 11" x 11.5". Each print is printed and signed by the artist.

Regarding the numbers: The cross divides the circle into 4 equal parts. The four corners area of the great Southwest is defined by the cross. Charles is extremely interested in numbers and numerology, especially as they relate to Sacred Geometry. In the ancient system of Numerology, the number of Mandalas in this suite (13) vibrates 4.

The original 13 open-eyed meditations (Mandalas) are mixed media (water color, colored ink, acrylic paint and colored pencil) on paper. From the beginning, Charles intended to create a suite of beautiful and affordable prints. He wanted his patrons to be able to hang a small but powerful Gilchrist Mandala collection on their wall or walls at an affordable price.

Low resolution web images can't do these prints justice. They must be seen in person. The beautifully detailed Mandalas are filled with the light and colors of the High Desert and surroundings. They are very seductive, drawing you in. The organic forms and color are contained within the squared circle and cross, contributing to a curious quality of dynamic stillness.

Even though they have a wonderful feeling of the great Southwest, they are classic Mandala and fit beautifully into almost any environment. Each Mandala is designed to work as an individual piece but can also be hung together in various combinations (two, three, four, five, etc.). Each mandala is like a musical note or cord. Together (in various combinations) they can create meditative harmonies for any environment. They are just the right size and will add wonderful sparks of color and clarity to your environment.

The low wholesale prices:
Each individual print - only $59.95 - plus $14.00 I/S/H
The Suite (all 13 prints) - only $699.95 - plus $20.00 I/S/H
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(The Creative process and the Four Corners Suite)
by Charles Gilchrist

(An Interview With The Artist #4 - The Square)
by Leslie Page

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