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"Sacred Geometry: Mandala Templates"
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The easiest and most fascinating way to experience the power of Sacred Geometry and Mandala making is....... HANDS ON!

Make Your Own Mandalas With These Free Mandala Templates

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These free Gilchrist graphics are also great for doodling.

Section 1: Pure Mandala
Mandala (circle) and Bindu (center point)

Fig 1: "Mandala and Bindu"

Section 2:
Sacred Geometric Archetypes directly related to Nature's First Pattern

Fig. 3: "Nature's First Pattern"
Fig. 4: "The Glyph Maker,"

Fig. 5: "Completed Germ Of Life"
"Fig. 6: The Seed Of Life"

Fig. 7: "The Flower Of Life"
Fig. 8: "The Completed FLO"

Section 3:
Metatron's Cube

Fig. 9: "13 Circles"

Fig. 10: "Metatron's Cube in NFP"

Fig. 11: MC-Tetrahedron

Fig. 12: MC - Cube

Fig. 13: MC - Octahedron

Fig. 14: MC - Icosahedron

Fig. 15: MC - Dodecahedron

Fig. 16: MC - Star Tetrahedron

Section 4
A Sacred Geometric Archetype: Square

Fig. 17: "Static & Dynamic Squares"
Fig. 18: "Rotating Squares"

More Free Gilchrist Mandala Templates On The Way

For more information about making your own Mandalas based on Sacred Geometry:

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