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Gallery #6. Sacred Geometry Mandalas

CX48 and Post CX48

This Gallery features two sets of acrylic Mandalas, "CX48" and "Post CX48." All the Mandalas in this series (about seventy) are directly related to Sacred Geometry and are exactly the same size, 17 inches by 17 inches by 2.25 inches. They are wrap stretched linen canvas on hand made redwood and hard board frames. From a technical perspective, they are acrylic painting panels.


CX48 is a group of 48 Mandalas inspired by Drunvalo Melchizedek and commissioned by Jirka Rysavy, the CEO of the international company "Corporate Express." The 48 Mandalas were conceived as a site specific piece. They are set into 48 recesses created in a wall in the Corporate Express headquarters building located in Broomfield, Colorado (see image below).

CX48: by Charles Gilchrist

Post CX48

"Post CX48," is a smaller group of Mandalas directly related to "CX48" and Sacred Geometry but not part of the original commission.

Featured Mandalas of the CX48 and Post CX48 projects are seen below. Click on the images or titles for enlargements.

Section #1A: First Archetypes Of Sacred Geometry









PCX4801: The Circle: (No Prints Available)
PCX4802: 2 Circles Of Common Radius
PCX4805: The First Transcendental Circle
PCX4806: 1 Circle, 2 Circles, 3 Circles
PCX4803: 4 Circles Of Common Radius
PCX4804: First Two Circles In NFP: (No Prints Available)
PCX4807: 4 Circles In The FOL
PCX4808: First 2 Circles In CFOL

Section #1B: First Archetypes Of Sacred Geometry

CX4806: The Germ Of Life: (No Prints Available)
CX4808: The Completed Germ Of Life
CX4802: The Seed Of Life
PCX4815: The Flower Of Life
CX4810: The Completed Flower Of Life
PCX4816: The Roots Of Astrology
CX4804: The Sephrothic Tree In The Seed Of Life
PCX4812: Snow Flake in NFP (Also Seen In Gallery 10)

Section #2: Metatron's Cube and Other Formula

CX4811: 13 Circles
PCX4809: Metatron's Cube
CX4814: Double Tetrahedron In MC
CX4813: Cubes In Metatron's Cube
CX4815: Octahedron In Metatron's Cube
CX4817: Dodecahedron In Metatron's Cube
CX4816: Icosahedon In Metatron's Cube
PCX4810: Cube In Cube In Cube
CX4809: Cube Of Spheres
PCX4811: Transcendental Metatron's Cube
CX4821: The Key to Leonardo's Circle and Square
CX4845: The Living Merkaba
CX4825: Fibonacci Sequence Spiral (Also Seen In Gallery 11)
CX4826: Phi and Fibonacci Comparison (Also Seen In Gallery 11)
CX4847: Sunflower and SG (Also Seen In Gallery 11)
CX4848: Fourth Dimensional Merkaba

Beautiful prints, on fine art paper, are now available of all the Mandalas on this Page (Gallery #6). Charles personally creates and signs these prints. The image size is aprox.11" by 11". The paper size is 13" by aprox. 15". The price is $59.95, plus $14.00 insurance, shipping, and handling anywhere in the continental USA.

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